While watching one of my shows that has led to this crazy adventure I saw nonverbals on the screen that spoke volumes to me.

In the scene, a husband was drawing strength from his wife through the simple act of touch. Something we each do in some way, shape, or form each and every day.


That was all I could think of. An anchor was needed to get through the moment and I suddenly realized, that’s a missing piece. Not only do we need an anchor just to stay focused, but that one person, gesture, location, song, quote, book… something pushes the stress away for, and guides us back toward center.

That is what I need for my characters…

…and then I went to my script to see what my last edit was… and goofed. the. whole. piece. up!

Three pages… I know but dang!

Ok… so here is the thought for the day while I go back and reintroduce my world.

What is your anchor? What guides you back to center and lets the world fade away so that you can once again, take that much needed deep breath?

I keep thinking it is a keepsake. A charm. A piece of something that will guide my mind where I needed it to go… and then I sit down here and prove my hypothesis right again!

I need to write and write more. Watch other creations less. Take more time for my creation to see the light of day.

So, again I say… what is your anchor?

Good morning, good night wherever you are. Til later!


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