Spark! 1.6

Do you ever find yourself visualizing a room, or landscape that seems perfect for the role you need it for? I have spent a ton of time searching Pinterest, and world landscape photos for ideas to help create my fantasy world, but I seem to gravitate toward what I imagine best.

I wish I was as talented with graphic design programs as I am with words and a camera. I can describe the setting, but I always feel like only half of the setting is revealed. My sketching pencil helps some, but I don’t have a feel for drawing depth like I wish I could to build off of the language… though that has been a new and thrilling adventure.

I am better at trying to draw my version of something another has created than building my own, but maybe someday…

What is your solution to setting dilemmas?

Where would you create a world in which to live?

Good morning, good night wherever you are! Till next time.


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