Spark! 1.7

And the game continues. I have settled my characters into a quiet, and hidden of course, alcove in a school. They have been given an important piece of the puzzle, but no time to absorb it, nor do they have any understanding of what is about to befall them.

Responsibility. Sharing the ideals that express the need for these two teenagers to take the mantle, and save the world with very little information… Nothing like blindsiding the characters and setting yourself up with a task to make sure you set up the next piece with a strong and believable quality that will hold your audience’s attention.

As I reread this, I get the feeling that filling them in may need to be something they have to figure out… hmm…. maybe I will go about creating an interruption to their fact finding mission…

That means I can create a slightly mad creature… oohhh… this could be fun.

With that thought in mind, how wild do you let your ideas go? I try to maintain realistic boundaries, but maybe that is not the way to go…


Good morning, good night wherever you are! See you soon.


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