Yesterday, I had a five year old tell me that there was no Santa Claus. In my best shocked voice, I informed the student that I still get presents at my house from Santa. Fortunately, that turned the tide and the topic was dropped without concern or distress surfacing from the rest of the class.

This is one of my greatest … I don’t want to say fear, but I think it is true. The act of taking away hope. Minimizing the possibility of believing in the magic of life that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Every little thing that could possibly lend creativity, joy and a sense of adventure to life is a valuable tool for many of us. Especially if we want to give to those around us. Enrich their lives in ways that only your ideas can touch them.

I’m not saying that only one person can share the same message, but sometimes there is only one person who has the right words, AND is willing to share them.

So… as I like to say… I want to share that I love my gifts from Santa – or more specifically – gifts that come from the heart be they paper drawings from the kids, the one thing I really wanted that came from a friend or family member, or myself. I tend to be my own best Secret Santa because… well… because I am a FANTASTIC online shopper…. and there was just SOMETHING that jumped out and said, “You neeeeed meeee…”

Oy… on to another Christmas season. Hope you all are your own best Secret Santa!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


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