Yet another NaNoWriMo done!

I set a goal of achieving 25,000 words for this year’s novel writing month. I made the goal, but it was a combination of writing book two, writing a piece for book four, as well as editing and extending book one for class. 26,700+, that was my achievement this time around.

My goal was set to manage the work I would be putting forth in working on the first piece, and let me tell you, I did a good job growing in my writing style. I do have a horrible habit of having repetitious wording, as you probably have seen in the previous posts. All I can say is, I am working on it.

Someday I will get it together, but for now, the fun is what my crazy little mind can come up with. The visuals that I mentally see as I create and commit these ideas to words are very interesting. The only dilemma is will I succeed in putting it down with the kind of detail that will make the reader understand the concept. If I let my instincts run the show, it is a resounding yes! If I let my mind do the work, then I let reason outdo the creating process.

So, here is the point. One that I add regularly.


Do your thing and trust yourself. If you do that, the stress will diminish and the best part of the process will be the joy in what you complete.


Good morning, goodnight, wherever you are!

Til next time.


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