I’ve done… well, a few things. I’ve either passed or failed my last class… for now if not forever. I have also created  a new character to aggravate my troupe of five in my storyline, and I’ve begun writing purely for fun!

Oh how I have waited for that to happen. Next, Warm up the planet so I can actually feel my fingers while typing. That would be a glorious sensation… not to mention fix the water heater so it is actually hot… hopefully the pilot light is all that needs addressing there, but who knows. I was out of town at tournaments when it went out. Fortunately a kettle has been available to save my finners part time anyway.

I am in no fit state to be coherent today but… Oy… writing for fun! It’s beginning to set in… and you poor people will have to hear about it … repeatedly, when it does!

Talk to ya’ll soon, whooo!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


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