A day to decompress…

Well… after the funeral of a kind man… that was the plan but now I realize that was a boldfaced wish, dream… liiiiieee!

Little things are my downfall, not the big life changers… little things. Like the dog getting stuck in a tree… again… so help me…

I need to build a box for her to hide in, and that will keep her from… no… not climbing it, but I bet I gave you a start there… crawling under it. More dead than alive, the juniper has become a nemesis… or combined with a dog… it has become just that.

Today is a day that does not include car troubles, or an absent vehicle while it is in the shop.

It does not include furnace, or work stresses…

Nor does it include homework… (… and I’m wondering about filling my time there even though I have a book to work on… so week 1 – I’ve created a new character, dreamt up a new idea or two to include, but generally just been a bum…)

I only have the cold water issue to figure out… And if the heater is bad, it is not gonna get fixed. I’d rather deal with figuring out a new house situation than dealing with the cost of fixing what has already been fixed. That being said, it better just be a minor element or pilot light issue.

So, now that I have been a whiner… again… maybe I best just wish you all a great day and I will be in touch. Much sooner than later as I fall into a real writing routine.

Catch you on the flip side!

Good morning goodnight wherever you are!


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