I don’t have a mission tonight…

I promised to be on the ball and keeping contact more after classes ended. What did I do?

I did NOT keep contact… No excuses, just a pure collapse and desire to veg out. I have not lost my focus on the story and intent, but I have not had a grip on where to go next either. I want to tighten down my story arc, but all I can feel are gaps in the storyline.

The one and only idea I have at this point … retype it all once again. Fill in where I know more is needed…(… insert ‘ah ha’ moment here …)

Thank you.  Thank you for being out there. I feel the gaps filling as I say it once again…

I will retype the whole thing again. That will help me address where description and dialogue are out of balance. It will give me the opportunity to take note of what characters need filling…

You all are absolutely awesome. Thank you for listening!

May the little things give you the same crazy insanity and joy that I find when I realize the little things fix it all.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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