Happy Tax Day!

Two years ago… near this very day, I began the story that I have run with through the majority of my writing degree, and I still feel all the same things.

Overwhelmed because I have never seen this story as a single novel but rather as a series.

Thrilled because of the artistic theme, and the possibilities of my students… OUR students, could achieve.  This is particularly true because I believe that art is a tool that can be used to calm the mind and help them the basic academic needs in a more enjoyable way.

Art could be a way to make the best of all things, especially if the teacher is artistic as well. How can we not use our own skills to help explain what we mean?

Forget the rote teaching habits.

Make it something the kids like. Can buy into.

Here’s to another year on the same path!

Hope all is well in your world.

Good morning goodnight wherever you are!



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