Hello world. 


I am nearing the halfway mark on my story and while I have over 26,000 words on my device, that didn’t translate to full 25000 on the NaNoWriMo website.  It is over 23,000, but I have a few days that I need to catch up on since I didn’t hit my minimum of  1672, I belive it is, per day. Had a few days I was lucky to pull of 500 words that put a kibash on the success rate . In the meantime, I have survived a full moon at school – anyone in the education, or emergency fields.. has kids… can probably relate to my train of thought there.

I also have a number of sketching ideas that i would live to do ,but lo and behold, why? Why would I focus on drawing when writing comes more naturally? Because I have ideas I need drafted for my story, but I would rather work in tandem with someone who is very good at sketching, than try to muddle my way through on my own…

Oh well. Here’s’ to sucking it up., and giving it a shot anyway. Right?

So, how have you all been? I hope well in spite of any dilemmas you may have had to face. If nothing else, you know you are not alone in this crazy adventure called life. Hang in there. Put the kids to bed early. Go to bed early yourself, if need be.

Hope your  creative selves took a moment to breathe and enjoy this week. Til next time.  Good morning , good night wherever you are!


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