Holy Cripe! I am going to make it!

Whew… now that I got that said, I can carry on to other things… that really are just more NaNoWriMo bits. I know that I can make things up on a whim when needed, but good grief! I cannot believe the level of BS that I pull off in a very short time. Not one plan. No more than a random thought about what could happen comes to mind.

Gotta wonder how I manage it.

I know that I am an honest do-gooder on a daily basis (uh huh, I know… says I), but I can tell you that I might have been a pretty good bad guy should I have chosen to be. Here is the crux of tonight’s thought. If I can be that fluent in … ok.. lets just say it, we’re all adults here… I think… Bullshit. There said it. I am fluent in every sort of Blarney I have attempted, and yet I have NO IDEA how to define my bad guy.

I have an idea about the drive, and my students sparked an idea 2 weeks ago- but darned if the thread wasn’t lost in the midst of ending the school day…

So … if any of you have great bad guy drafts to suggest…

Hope your last 2 weeks have been good to you.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


PS – maybe sooner if you have that bad guy draft… yeah? … 😀

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