Bloody Hell…

Baaahhh…ok… So this is not going to be one of those peaceful moments, but it is not life or death… well, in reality at least.

The writers did it again. Yet another character that I value was killed off. What do these writers think they are? God? Just because I am kicking around the idea of how to keep the tension going in my story, and who is going to suffer the same, or at least a similar, fate, doesn’t mean my peace of mind can be messed with again!

Yup. You got it. I am selfish and demandy right now… but… you know what I mean.

So… on another note… The one thing that keeps me circling the PTS train…mmm… bus… has risen to the forefront again. No sooner did I get my rant out and the story turned to a similar path that I want to do. For at least the third time in three days no less.

I NEED to break free somehow and start my idea. Community based anxiety management through hands on activities – creative outlets. They really do go a long way.

And with that in mind… anyone else getting signals that cannot be ignored?

Want to join my crusade for getting on with a new tangent in life?… ok… Tangent is not the best word, but you get the right idea…



Personal outlets, or messages you receiving?

Well. I look forward to hearing or sharing more. After all, sharing even with a few is better than keeping it all to myself. Right?

Have a glorious week, people.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


Happy New Year!

2018 has officially come to pass. For some reason I am excited for 2019 more than usual. I had a great time in the midst of all the drama and daily happenings of life. After all, I got to write. How could I be anything other than thrilled?

I lost a furry friend… and I swear he had a meeting with the one I adopted a month later. She’s as hyper as he was… oy.

I have set traditional oil painting aside and started playing with spray paints.

I have attempted to stitch, and bead, and sketch, but I keep coming back here. Sometimes its to simply get my word count in for the day. Sometimes it is to redraft a piece I’ve written before, and others it is to fill in gaps and keep the pieces flowing.

Over the course of the last 10 days I’ve drafted over 15,000 words for the new class (two chapters were reworded but others I made up as my fingers hit the keys), and the next 8 chapters, may be as much as 10 will be turned in by March 3rd. Then the easy part will be over. I will have a new degree completed, but I will be responsible for maintaining my schedule from that point on. I have a clearer view of where I will be by the end of book 1, and yet there is so much to write before I get there. Whew!

Okay. Here is step 1 – Do not psych yourself out before you get started.

2 – Go with the flow and have fun!

3 – Enjoy the ride! (… alright, that’s the same thing but I like the words…)

So… with that thought in mind. What’s your goal for 2019? I say we celebrate every success we have and claim them as they come.

Here’s to a new chapter in our lives!

Good morning, good night everyone!

Happy New Year!



Merry Christmas One and All!

A week off and the first real solid piece of writing done during break. Sure, I’ve written 3-600 words a day, but today was over 1600. Not bad for having all kinds of distractions. It also is the first time that I feel like my characters have transitioned into the land of Borealveldt.

Hm… I spent the last two days watching the three Hobbit stories, and then the Lord of the Rings series. Maybe I need to spend more time in Middle Earth. Couldn’t hurt anyway could it?

Now I need a new obsession to watch and be inspired by. Ideas?

I think I will leave it at that and hope you all have family that you are with or at least, in contact with. I am of the latter as I live far enough away that winter travel doesn’t make for a joyful break, but well timed phone calls do!

Good morning, good night one and all on this wonderful Yuletide season!

Hope you find a wonderful gift or two in the morning rather than a lump of coal…


The Home Stretch has Begun

Today I started class. The last class of my Creative Writing endeavor. According to the syllabus I am guaranteed a chance to share another 20,000 words of my creation plus gain some publishing tips as part of the close in February.

To find that the end is near leaves a sense of ambiguity with me. I love taking classes, but it will be nice to write for myself rather than because I have to… and yet… most of this degree has allowed that to happen.

And then there’s the more shocking aspect of the moment… $130,000 to pay back. Again… for some reason I am not completely freaked out… well… not most of the time. On a teacher’s salary that will be tough, but if I could supplement it with editing or writing activities… it may not be so bad.

Now to find that edge to help manage the bills…. Got any ideas? 😀

I know… I made my bed… but it was fun while it happened!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!

See you soon!



My brain is fried and the work that I have done over the past 9 weeks has left me… well… not without inspiration, but tapped out in the creative energies that I have put forth in creating a new story in tandem with building upon the first that I edited for class.

I know… blah blah blah… how many times ya gonna tell us?

Honestly, I don’t know. If nothing else, randomly blathering like this allows me to practice writing without having to commit to either Borealveldt installment. My characters and the plans I have for them spin in my mind nearly all day long. Every single day.

I have no concerns or frustrations with that, but I must admit that committing to creating something new every day is not possible. This is one of those random moments that I give myself the leeway, freedom, acceptance… that I need to let my mind have a time out, if you will.

Tools I use to revive my creative side start with simply acknowledging that a break must take place. I do the barest minimum to keep the writing practice in place, including drafting a nice bit of b.s. (ah hmm.. excuse me, but it is) for two segments that I have to write for the week giving me a sense that I did not ignore my homework.

I also watch shows that I enjoy and continue to pick stories apart for plot, and character ideas, and when I find a plot hole… oy… do they stick with me. But at least I am still practicing the skills.

Professionally – my work audit prep is done on my end, and the formal side starts this week, ends next. Boy do I look forward to getting out from under that …

Then it will be on to more fun and creative making things happen!

What are your coping tools?

 (speaking of… blah blah blah… today.. :/ … sorry)

Happy day people!

Good morning, good night wherever you are.


Yet another NaNoWriMo done!

I set a goal of achieving 25,000 words for this year’s novel writing month. I made the goal, but it was a combination of writing book two, writing a piece for book four, as well as editing and extending book one for class. 26,700+, that was my achievement this time around.

My goal was set to manage the work I would be putting forth in working on the first piece, and let me tell you, I did a good job growing in my writing style. I do have a horrible habit of having repetitious wording, as you probably have seen in the previous posts. All I can say is, I am working on it.

Someday I will get it together, but for now, the fun is what my crazy little mind can come up with. The visuals that I mentally see as I create and commit these ideas to words are very interesting. The only dilemma is will I succeed in putting it down with the kind of detail that will make the reader understand the concept. If I let my instincts run the show, it is a resounding yes! If I let my mind do the work, then I let reason outdo the creating process.

So, here is the point. One that I add regularly.


Do your thing and trust yourself. If you do that, the stress will diminish and the best part of the process will be the joy in what you complete.


Good morning, goodnight, wherever you are!

Til next time.



Yesterday, I had a five year old tell me that there was no Santa Claus. In my best shocked voice, I informed the student that I still get presents at my house from Santa. Fortunately, that turned the tide and the topic was dropped without concern or distress surfacing from the rest of the class.

This is one of my greatest … I don’t want to say fear, but I think it is true. The act of taking away hope. Minimizing the possibility of believing in the magic of life that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Every little thing that could possibly lend creativity, joy and a sense of adventure to life is a valuable tool for many of us. Especially if we want to give to those around us. Enrich their lives in ways that only your ideas can touch them.

I’m not saying that only one person can share the same message, but sometimes there is only one person who has the right words, AND is willing to share them.

So… as I like to say… I want to share that I love my gifts from Santa – or more specifically – gifts that come from the heart be they paper drawings from the kids, the one thing I really wanted that came from a friend or family member, or myself. I tend to be my own best Secret Santa because… well… because I am a FANTASTIC online shopper…. and there was just SOMETHING that jumped out and said, “You neeeeed meeee…”

Oy… on to another Christmas season. Hope you all are your own best Secret Santa!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!