Yesterday, I had a five year old tell me that there was no Santa Claus. In my best shocked voice, I informed the student that I still get presents at my house from Santa. Fortunately, that turned the tide and the topic was dropped without concern or distress surfacing from the rest of the class.

This is one of my greatest … I don’t want to say fear, but I think it is true. The act of taking away hope. Minimizing the possibility of believing in the magic of life that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Every little thing that could possibly lend creativity, joy and a sense of adventure to life is a valuable tool for many of us. Especially if we want to give to those around us. Enrich their lives in ways that only your ideas can touch them.

I’m not saying that only one person can share the same message, but sometimes there is only one person who has the right words, AND is willing to share them.

So… as I like to say… I want to share that I love my gifts from Santa – or more specifically – gifts that come from the heart be they paper drawings from the kids, the one thing I really wanted that came from a friend or family member, or myself. I tend to be my own best Secret Santa because… well… because I am a FANTASTIC online shopper…. and there was just SOMETHING that jumped out and said, “You neeeeed meeee…”

Oy… on to another Christmas season. Hope you all are your own best Secret Santa!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


Halfway through

I am nearing the halfway point in class with the second piece of my novel hours from being submitted… and I have a cold, so, whiny is the word of the moment.

Unfortunately, I have little to share other than I did start my Nanowrimo promise. Did anyone else follow through on a creative promise to themself?

So sorry to be short, but I’d rather be brief than subject you to my … germs… 😀

Take care all, and I’ll see you soon.

Good morning, good night where ever you are!


Week 1 of my Capstone down…

I just finished the first week, and turned in the outline for my novel beginning the capstone process…. I have talked about a Spark! that is felt when you create and let me tell you… My Spark! is spine tingling right now.

I am doing one thing I never fully thought I’d do. Write for anyone other than me.

Poetry .. sure. That only takes an hour – 2 if I need to polish it and create a graphic background. Poetry has always been easy… but a novel?

Yet here I am. Approximately 36,000 words written (half) and the energy is stronger than ever before – even with the Negative Nora moments that I question success.

I am focusing on my target audience… middle school on up… and I know I can make a difference if I tell the story right.

Sooo… there’s that word again… so I guess I best get back to it huh?

Hope your inspiration is working with you all too!

Good morning, good night wherever you are! Be back soon…



I have taken my opportunity to keep this alive and kicking, and put it all into self restoration. Good plan maybe, but I keep saying that writing has healing qualities, which I still believe, and do continue to feel… I just need to be here more to prove it.

As I was saying… Spark! It is alive, well, and beginning to expand, though I am not sure what to make of it just yet. Last week I had a moment that felt like a genesis point for the story. I will be proving that point in the next 10 weeks as I continue my academic journey.

This time… it is part 1 of the final culmination – writing to book for completion… oy.  Wish me luck!… and keep in touch if you want to follow along.

I look forward to hearing from you… oh… and if you are inclined – if you have any of those ‘little moments’… you know the ones… those that others step up when they dont have to, and make a difference in your day…

If you have any and are willing to share, I would love to hear about them. Those are the times that I see angels in our midst. That is also when I see the most creativity at work.

See you soon.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


I’m Freeee… for a week…

Today marks the first day of a week long (yeah right about 3 days I’ll take) reprieve from classes. I have 2 left to do my best and then I am set for graduation and a new degree to claim. So, in the spirit of taking hold of my time as I should, my goal is to post everyday for the week.

… but I have honestly not much to say. I am content with my progress and I have developed a new class to propose once I am done with my degree…

Life is good and ready to be quiet… ish… for a few.

I guess for now I will bid you adieu.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


…. oh alright… I think I accidentally stumbled onto a potential ‘root-of-all-things-Borealveldt’ in writing a quick addition last night… and then when I added today too… I has somethin goin on… 😀



I’ve not written in a few days, not by design, but because I have my major project for class due this week. However, because of today’s date, I felt compelled to say this.

I was in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 2001.

The small aircraft that nearly collided with Flight 93 was routed to the airport down the street from my house.

Flight 93 went down approximately 30 miles from me, as well.

No, I have not visited the memorials.

No, I don’t know any of the families.

No, I haven’t made a pilgrimage to D.C. or NYC to commemorate the day.

What I have done is:

Educate myself with what information I could find.

I continue to share the events of the day from my perspective attempting to understand how attacking citizens can be considered honorable.

I support our troops and the troops of our allies to the best of my ability.

I have researched how to make the homecoming transition more effective and though it may not be enough … EVER … I thank you for the life I have with all my being.

I, as long as I live, and as long as I teach, will never let the memory of the day fade. Nor will I let the lives of those lost – some researched and nearly memorized, some unknown just yet – but I will never allow the day lose it’s importance.

May your Patriot Day have the value deserved.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


The Will of a Common Housefly

The Will of a Common Housefly


I of sound wing and happy hops

do declare that I am of sound wing and happy hops.

From person, to creature, to pile of poo,

I am happy to share with you.

Not a drop of hatred do I bear,

though the need to be with you is there.


I of sound wing and happy hops

do declare that I am of sound wing and happy hops.

A light, oh my, I do declare

a most definite signal of human air.

How I love to buzz around,

and drive you to a favorite game.


Tangle in the hair,

take a jaunt along your feet, what a pair.

A momentary hug has arose

as I land upon your pert nose.


Swat at me

Bat at me.

Beat me to a pulp.

I will never die,

and that is not a lie!


My young will come for you,

And drive you totally nuts.

In much the same way

as I made you bay.


Cry “Tarnation!”

Oh, how I love that declaration!


I of sound wing and happy hops

do declare that I am of sound wing and happy hops.

Oh… but I love you,

as only special friends do.

Oh, how I dare to

continue to fly ‘round you.


Cerridwyn Nora Bryant – Borealveldt Creative Writing


Ms. Haley Tsitra Ainsley Klass or H.T.A.K. (Kath)                                     9/2/18